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How IT is Driving the Corporate Economy

How IT is Driving the Corporate Economy

The world is changing fast and we are advancing in terms of technology. Over the past few years “IT” has been a game changer in the course of this development and now it seems to be true that “Change is the only constant”, as we are entering the Digital age we hold the hands of Information technology and innovation to see the new future from all new prospects to incorporate potential growth in multiple aspects.

What is Information Technology?

If we go by definition, Information Technology means a combination of computer applications and the internet where you can process, store, organize and manipulate the given data. Information Technology can be further divided into many subcategories like Information Technology Enabled Services, Computer Science, Information Technology and Communication, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering.

In today’s competitive market we get to see all the sectors of the corporate system use computers, let it be education sector or medical sector, shopping through e-commerce or banking through mobile apps and desktop applications, manufacturing industries to navigation systems this list is everlasting and caseless. Today every job (big or small) is done is through computers. Gone are the days where the work was done manually and was prone to human errors. Now the work that is done is a lot faster than what a human could do and that too without error.

How is IT driving the corporate economy?

In the last decade or two, Information Technology has changed the face of the corporate world, companies are using Information Technology in varied ways. In the initial years when Information technology was introduced to the world, it was completely alienated and was used only to process the data and nothing more but today the corporate world is using Information technology for Digital marketing, Spreading awareness, E-commerce,  completing official agreements, confirmation of identities, and what not.

For example, in the earlier days one had to go to the market to purchase grocery or any daily needs items, but today E-Commerce has drastically changed the way individuals shop. Due to the advent of technology we are now able to go global. Our purchasing is now not only limited to local shops but now we can buy things that are globally available. Due to an e-commerce site, one gets to browse a wide range of brands on the single platform and can compare their offerings too. This saves your time, energy, efforts and of course money.

Taking the banking sector into consideration, Information technology now gets you the freedom to access your account from anywhere and everywhere as you can withdraw money from any ATM from any part of the country irrespective of where you have your account and such is the beauty of Information technology. You can make online payments to anyone in minutes, buying and selling of policies and investment of money is now simpler and convenient.

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