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India is a country, undeniably known for its population explosion. But, one of the plus points of this fact is that, at any given point of time, the number of people falling in the age group of 18-35 is much larger, as compared to the other age groups. Hence we conclude that the working residents are much more in number than the dependent residents. This scenario is supposed to be beneficial to any country’s economy.

Let us consider one of the most budding industries of India, the world of Information Technology. This industry has left no stones unturned to astonish us with its incessant growth and development. With the advent of the latest technologies, the IT industry brings us a plethora of job opportunities in varied sectors. But the question remains, are we exploiting these opportunities to the fullest?

According to the research, there are more than 60lac students, who graduate every year. The industry demands skilled employees over qualified ones. Hence, the race to bag the dream job has become highly competitive. Another question is what really is a dream job? Understanding this generation and its wants, let us say that a dream job is the one that brings work satisfaction, job security, an impressive income and an amazing work culture. Then why are we running behind the established and renowned organisations, only?

India today has become a hub for start ups. The start up culture has rooted itself into every market. Courageous and dynamic entrepreneurs have chosen to start companies that innovate and develop, harnessing the talents of several capable individuals. Therefore, in a start up, capabilities and skill sets are prioritized over experience. These young entrepreneurs are willing to give you a chance to showcase your potential and be recognized for your efforts and achievements.

The growth rate, of an employee, working in a start up is much higher, than that of an employee from an age old company, who works as per the conventional norms; Reason being, the responsibilities given, the initiatives taken and the exposure. In a start up, most of the times, every employee is involved in both ideation and execution. The responsibilities delegated to them are very challenging and the struggle for survival in the competitive market moulds each one into quality employee. Therefore, you rise along with the company.

Freshers should look forward to working with start ups. They should grab this opportunity and create a footprint in the market. Utilize your abilities to bring up the company, put efforts and get recognized for the change that you have brought. This for sure, will become the stepping stone to your success.