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Pause a while and reflect how Social-media, Mobile Apps and devices, Analytics and Cloud Services or in short SMAC would have impacted our professional and personal lives had there been no web and communication system in place.

Data sharing system

Enterprise collaboration system or ECS is one of the essential requisites of the modern day enterprises operations, which to a large extent are dependent on the web and communication based data sharing system. ECS as such is a critical operational tool of today’s global enterprises and is a much sought after expertise by the IT and IT-enabled businesses today.

Seamless info flow

Let’s, then, begin by understanding what the ECS or Enterprise Collaboration System is. It is, in fact, a kind of Information System or IS that collates a range of network systems that facilitate smooth exchange of information within the enterprises among its staffers and outside it with the clients and other stake holders.

Ways of communication

ECS in an enterprise eco-system comprises of groupware, tools, extranets and other networks considered essential for communication both within an organisation and outside it. The communication in an enterprise mainly happens by way of sharing of documents, information or knowledge to any particular person or a group of persons.

Efficient management

The means of communication in an organisation may include mail, video-conferencing, collaborative sharing of documents, various tools of project management, etc. The core objective of the enterprise collaboration, however, is to enable users manage communications, documents or any other information efficiently with the help of tools at their disposal. This is considered a critical requisite for the efficient running of a modern day business.

Need for web experts

With an increasing number of enterprises and individuals opting for web and communications for sharing information, personal, official and classified and generic in nature, there is likely increase in demand for professionals in the field. According to an estimate currently there are over 3 billion people worldwide who use internet for personal and professional reasons. A report on India’s internet users has claimed that the country has already bypassed Japan to emerge as the world’s third largest Internet user, followed by China and the United States.

India’s 75+ million users

India has over 75 million internet users. The independent Telecom Regularity Authority of India (TERAI) put the number of Internet subscribers in India as on March 31, 2013 at 164.81 million. Of this number seven out of eight accessed the Internet through their mobile devices, the reports adds.

Streamline ops

Amid the rise in use of Internet driven web and communications by enterprises, industry experts predict a likely increase in demand for trained professionals in the field. A plenty of opportunities await professionals with the proliferation in web based enterprises, keen on ushering in enterprise collaboration and other network systems to further streamline operations to bring down costs and increase profitability.

Unskilled workforce

Unfortunately, at present the industry is facing an acute shortage of skilled professionals to take up web and communication jobs. The primary shortage according to market feedback is of professionals capable of handling technologies like Exchange 2013, SharePoint 2013, SCOM 2012 and installing and configuring Windows server.

IIHT grooms Job-ready talents

IT training and job specific talent development institutes such as IIHT with a track record of training over 10 lakh students in various IT space has come forward with skill-gap training for candidates. IIHT’s Engineering programme in Digital Enterprise Server Management offers comprehensive job-ready knowledge and hands on training to meet the rising demand of the industry.

Programme details

The course curriculum for Digital Enterprise Server Management covers both theory and practical exercises in CompTIA-A+, Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012-2014-20410, Administering Windows Server 2014-20411, Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 services- 20412, RHSA RH 200, Understanding Enterprise Communication and Collaboration Platforms, Lync Server 2013, Internet Information Service (IIS), Exchange 2013, SharePoint 2013 and Office 365.


Some of the positions on offer from various sectors of IT and IT enabled industries for web and communication trained professionals are of System Administrator, Windows Server Administrator, Wintel Server Support L1/L2. Unix Administrator, Red Hat Linux Administrator, Exchange Server Administrator, SharePoint 2013 Administrator, etc. For a trained web and communication professional with knowledge of enterprise collaboration system there are plenty of opportunities in the job-market.