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Engineering can be basically defined as a process where scientific knowledge is put into practical application. The IT engineers are mainly into two streams i.e software and hardware & networking. According to ministry of HR, India has 6,214 engineering & technology institutions with around 2.9 million students enrolled yearly. Around 90% of graduates in engineering want to do mechanical, electrical and civil engineering jobs, only. According to reports by experts, it is believed that there is huge number of unemployment amongst Engineering graduates. According to Survey, most of the engineering graduates are employed in networking and hardware. And their work largely involves network management and technical support. Amongst non-IT roles, sales engineers are high employability who sells tech support to companies. The non-tech job roles that engineering graduates find are in BPO sector mostly as telecaller and backend.

According to report, the main reasons for less prospects are insufficient skills in emerging technologies and specific domains. The inability to apply their learning into new-age IT roles is another major issue. Training on IT Skills with respect to new-age technologies is not available in the academic curriculum since IT as an industry is evolving rapidly, but the course curriculum for Engineering has stagnated from many years. This phenomenon is resulting in large number of unemployable engineers ending up with less or no opportunities. In this scenario, Vocational Training Institutes comes into rescue. Vocational Education is basically a training programme which prepares a person for the respective job roles specifically and is based on job-oriented learning and developing hands-on experience. This training is non-academic in nature and allied to specific skill sets. There are lots of IT courses available in the market which can help the student in getting skilled for specific job roles and thereby become more employable. But choosing the right IT institute is every important to get a strong foothold with placement opportunities. It is necessary to look for an IT institute which has a strong industry connect and has a rich heritage of placing students from many years.

Since IT today is not an isolated industry, but a function of every business, IT professionals are largely in demand in all industries such as airlines, FMCG, media, entertainment and e-commerce. IIHT has many courses which are custom-designed to job-roles that are available in the industry. IIHT IT programmes cover many established and emerging technologies such as IT-IMS, Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud.