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Eight Ways to Use LinkedIn for Job Search

Eight Ways to Use LinkedIn for Job Search

LinkedIn is every job seeker’s all new favorite platforms! Hundreds of companies today are using LinkedIn’s corporate solutions to find the right candidate. Even HRs and recruiters are doing the same. It’s crucial a serious job seeker takes the time to build his/her LinkedIn profile to perfection. How you ask? Here are a few important things you can immediately get started with:

  1. Look for connections and use them smartly: Develop as many connections as possible. Employers look for candidates referred by their own employees. So the more the connections, the higher the possibility of you finding someone employed at a company you are looking to work at.
  2. Complete and Update your profile periodically: Your profile must be completed with all necessary information about your experience and skills shared. The more complete your profile is, the higher the chances of you getting found. LinkedIn’s algorithms pick completed profiles on priority. Your profile also has a higher chance of getting considered.
  3. Search options for jobs are aplenty: You can look for jobs using zip code, key words, and country. You can further refine your search options by using the advance search option that has filters like job function, salary, date posted, company etc.
  4. Use referrals and recommendations: When a job gets listed directly on LinkedIn, then you will be able to view how you are connected to the HR or the recruiter. This way you can apply online and even request a referral from your contact. LinkedIn makes it even easier by providing you with a template that you can use to personalize and message. Some employers actually prefer referrals through LinkedIn. One must make sure to follow instructions mentioned in the job postings while applying.
  5. Company profiles on LinkedIn: Looking up company profiles on LinkedIn is a great way to get information on the company that you are interested to work in. There is a whole lot of information available like – company statistics, new hires, job posts, promotions, related companies, sister concerns etc. This information will help you determine better if you do really would like to make that your goal and accordingly shape your career and skills.
  6. Write a headline that stands out: The headline that appears just below the name is in fact your own online brand that gets advertised to the job world. The profile picture, headline and name are the only information displayed and this is why the headline can determine if an employer would want to click on the profile. The headline is got to be a power packed punch line that speaks your ability, passion for work and hint of your personality.
  7. Follow your dream companies: If you have a list of companies that you would love to work in, make sure you follow them on LinkedIn. You will be kept informed about new job postings, product launches and a lot more. This information can be great input that you can later use for your cover letter.
  8. Add some jazz: One can do away with dull listing of previous projects worked in and add some element of spice to the way the same information is displayed. Make a video presentation of your work or add a link of an article you’ve written. You can use the status update feature to share some interesting information.

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