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Can non-IT background students make it good in IT jobs? The question has been answered the best by those who did the switch over successfully and without changing their basic DNA. But all of them have a caveat on the issue ready for the new ‘aspirants’- Are you really interested in IT? If the response is: ‘May be or I think…or I need a change’, please step back now!

Key to success

Passion, drive, originality, sharp reasoning and last but not the least -never stopping the process of learning- are the essential but invisible keys to the doors of IT and its fast growing market. If a non-IT background student builds a software which is much better than the ones available in the market won’t the company buy it?

Highly Competitive

Before taking a jump, think that you are not moving into the field only for the money that would not come if you do not prove yourself to be innovative and original in the sector that is turning competitive by every other day.

Always a learner!

Programming is a tough job for those who do not like it. There are any number of people who code-start to think about how to get out, or already did, by a young age and it has its drawbacks. Learning to code right now is as easy as it’s ever been. The bad programmer is not the one who has just started learning. It’s the one who has just stopped doing so!

Action plan & Steps

  • You just need to commit to learn software engineering or hardware and then seek a job opportunity.
  • Decide what kind of IT jobs do you want to do. You can’t go any further until you figure that part out.
  • Need to commit to learn software engineering.
  • Make yourself IT shaped. Interact with people with industry experience with a couple of deep specializations. Which ones will depend on your skills and passions..
  • Go to university if you have time and money to gain deep knowledge over a period of time.
  • Learn on your own (great if you are motivated, but not easy).
  • Take a commercial course (these are pricey, but short -nowhere near as expensive as a college education) – may opt for it.
  • IT profession among other things needs programmers and non-IT people like you can add a diversity that is lacking in the industry. Now if you can also muster up some inferential and descriptive statistics on top of data security, this combination will keep you employed for life as a data security analyst.
  • Along with the essential knowledge you should be able to think out of the box so that you can cover all the aspects of the application. Similarly, if you want to find the bugs in an application then knowledge of application development is essential.
  • Industry is looking for candidates who are technically good, whose communication skills / soft skills are up to the mark and most importantly behavioral skills. A candidate should know basics of programming – ‘Logic Building’.
  • There are various career paths in testing industry where you can ensure reasonable growth like Test Engineer, Senior Engineer, Test Lead, Test Manager, Project Manager, Program Manager, etc.
  • Test Engineer, Automation Engineer, Automation Architect. Career options are there as Business Analyst, Quality Auditors, Human Factor Analyst, Performance Tester, Database Tester, etc.
  • As a non-IT background student you can bag the job in IT start up if you are really good with technology (Coding skills, Any tool you are specialized in).There is no other way!

Success through perseverance!

If you want to be here because that is where you think you will get money, you may be in for a surprise because there is no stopping. But the least you can do once you are here is never-ever stop learning (saying it again!). Keep pace with new developments and look within and outside, innovate and upgrade. Enjoy your success. Good luck!