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All Jobs are Getting Aligned to Skills. Are you job-ready? (Qualification vs Skills)

All Jobs are Getting Aligned to Skills. Are you job-ready? (Qualification vs Skills)

The nature of the basic workforce and work is changing at a fast pace in India. Today, employers are worried about how the training and the skill set of existing and potential employees fit into the changing requirements for jobs in the Indian IT industry scenario.

India is one of the youngest countries in the world, with a young population of 47% of people who are aged below 24. More than 12.8 million people get into the workforce each year. Out of them, a mere 10% have actually received some kind of informal or formal training. The training capacity about 8 years back was 3.1 million a year. But despite this massive training capacity and a large number of entrants into the workforce, most of the employers face difficulty when it comes to filling the entry-level vacancies. A number of researches and reports have pointed out that only a third of people completing courses from a number of training and educational institutes are employable. IT companies are constantly upgrading their software and processes, as such, they are constantly looking for the workforce that is strong in the skills that they immediately require. Today, IT companies no longer prefer an engineering graduate over a science graduate, just because engineering is thought to be ‘better’. They would rather employ a science graduate with the required skill set than an engineering graduate who lacks the needed skill set. This was true to a large extent even during the dawn of the IT industry but now, it’s become the norm. This changing trend of jobs being given to skilled individuals has been recognized by the government as well.

In order to address the many issues in the skill development area and to keep employers involved in the skill sector, the Government announced the setting up of NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation). Setting up of this organization shows that the gradual drift of employment from being qualification-based to skill-based is very real and is an issue that needs to be addressed seriously. This organization projects skill gaps gets employers to lead the process identifies job roles, increases skill training capacity and aligns training with the different jobs. When it comes to the IT sector, it is premiere institutes like IIHT that have taken the lead in doing the same. In addition to collaborating with several IT giants in formulating their training courses, they also provide placement assistance.

IIHT is well equipped in terms of certified faculty, updated course material, and are in close touch with industry that makes it prepared to cater to any changes in the industry. This forethought and preparation are what puts IIHT far ahead from its contenders. Getting an engineering degree alone isn’t enough. You need hands-on training in the latest technologies to make you job ready! Enroll now and begin your future-proof career in the IT industry!