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4 Technological Skills that IT Recruiters are Looking out for from Job Seekers

4 Technological Skills that IT Recruiters are Looking out for from Job Seekers

It is evident that the world is seeing a rapid change in the technological field. Every now and then technologies are evolving and transcending. The old technologies are being ousted by the more new, efficient ones. And while this never-ending circle continues, so is the company’s demand for new versatile employees. So between the scurry of this job chase, many aspirant job seekers give up their chase of getting their dream jobs very early. Especially in the IT industry where many job seekers rely heavily on their qualifications rather than skills to get a job.

Of course, qualification is a prerequisite to get a job anywhere. But sadly, the scenario has changed in the IT industry as a whole. Today, the recruiters are looking for candidates who have special skills that are required to fit in with the IT industry standard.

Therefore, in connection to IT industry and job hunt, here are 4 of the important technological skills that the recruiters are looking for in candidates:

JAVA Programming and Coding

In the recent years, Java is considered to be the most popular programming language in the world. Mainly because Java is the most preferred programming language for Internet of Things (IoT), enterprise architecture, and cloud computing. Simultaneously, there are other programming languages that are in demand also which include C++, C, Ruby and SQL and visual C# makes its way into the list of top five programming languages. Therefore, any candidate with an extensive knowledge in these programming languages, preferably Java, will help to get a job faster.

Big Data and Hadoop

Organizations today are identifying that many important predictions can be sorting through and analyzing big data. Hadoop is regarded as the core platform for structuring big data where it helps in solving the problem of formatting data for subsequent analytical purpose.

Therefore, candidates with good amount of knowledge in Big Data are being offered lucrative packages in this area of expertise. Other skills that will help you get in respect to Big Data are Apache Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, Machine Learning, statistical and quantitative analysis and data mining.

Android Application Development

As we look around us, we can notice how smartphones have been taking over our lives. With the likes of its popularity, many organizations are shifting its attention to e-commerce. This is mainly the reason why app developers are the most sought after job roles in the It industry. Knowing that Android has more than 50% of the market in today, job opportunity Android app developer is open in this segment. 

Cloud Computing

Gone are those days where data were shared through complex servers. Today everything runs on cloud and organizations are integrating with the virtual world of  cloud where data can be accessed, shared and recovered with ease. The very prospect of this has made individuals with cloud-related skills a preferred job target by the IT recruiters.

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